Standing tall, birthed by fire, this vase is a reminder that there is beauty in the raw, in the strong, and in the damaged.  I don't know about you, but I have a real thing for dried flowers.. and this vase -- it's perfect for them!


My own history with mental and physical health brought me to pottery. My pit fired vessels could perhaps be best described as self portraits as much as gifts to others like me. Those who need gentle reminders: Imperfection is what makes ourselves, and these pots, beautiful and unique.

Birthed by Fire


Price per // Vase


Material // Mixed stoneware, thrown at the wheel


Finish // Unglazed, this finish is porus in exactly the same way that terracotta plant pots are porous. 

Size // HxW 16x8cm.


Care // Clean with a damp cloth if/when required.