Handmade, limited edition ceramics from my studio in Lancashire.

Pieces inspired by nature, intended to reflect your individuality, beauty and strength.

Are you ready to turn your everyday into something a little more special?

Who is Rae?


I'm a small scale potter, based in Lancaster UK. I create handmade, limited edition ceramics from my studio. My work is inspired by nature, but also by human perseverance and strength.


I am currently busy working two larger commissions - a surprise birthday gift dinner set and a set of display bowls for a local flower business. Please contact me if you would like to join the commissions waiting list.


Northern Potters Association Member.


Current Stockists

Holm Cafe

Wolfhouse Gallery

Gallery Exhibitions

Arteria with Gallery 23 "Winter Exhibition Still" 2020

King Street Studios "Work From Home - Responding to the challenge of Covid19" 2020


Lisa Cole "Conversations in Clay"

Holm Cafe "Clay at Holm"

Cold Dark North "CDN Cups"

Supported Charities

Papyrus UK

Refuge UK

EggCup Lancaster.

Excerpt from My Story


"After I got out of hospital, I had a couple of months of recovery time before the 2020 Covid19 lockdowns began. My cardiac rehab got me to the point where I could cycle to the pottery studio, but as March rolled round I quickly discovered that my fear of going to hospital again prevented me from venturing far from home. I had no access to a kiln and I had to learn how to continue creating without it.

This brought me to pit firing. You form the items and then fire them in what is essentially a bonfire. The smoke from the fire decorates the pots, and the heat hardens them so that they keep their form. Sometimes pieces break, and the final finish is really varied and wild.


In this way, pit firing asks you to let go of perfectionism - something I've always really struggled with. Imperfection is what makes these pots, and ourselves, beautiful and unique. When the first lockdown eased, I managed to get an old kiln refurbished to fire glazed work at home, but I continue to make pit fired work. Both for myself, and for people like me. People who need a reminder that they are beautiful because of their imperfection."