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I love the opportunity to work one on one with a client on something personal to them. Helping to bring someone's ceramic vision to life is such a pleasure and privilege.


Commissions are personalised, one on one pieces of work - so there is no idea too big, small, weird, or boring (In fact, I love the 'boring' ones: seeing 20 of matching items come through the kiln is an absolute joy).


What to expect:

- I'll work with you to make sure the end product is what you hoped for.

- Regular updates with pictures, and samples sent to you. 

- A small starting agreement - usually payment for glaze samples.

- Final price and the project length will be provided once we are both in agreement.

- Minimum order of £250

- A non-refundable 25% deposit before the main project begins.

What I need to know:

- What it is that you would like (including sizes)

- Quantity

- Desired colour

- Inspiration photos, sketches, etc.

For enquiries, please pop me a message on

"I just came home to the most fabulous delivery from Rae Ceramics. She's sent me 12 matching footed bowls for events and weddings, they are so beautiful. I love them. Rachel was so lovely to work with and they are stunning. She is so talented. I can't wait to use them."

Evelynrose Floristy

"Rachel made four ramekin dishes for my sister for Christmas. My sister loves them so much that she has them out on the side as they're too beautiful to go in the cupboard. This is a big deal as she is a super minimalist and NOTHING goes on the sides!!"

Google review

"Hope you're having a good start to the week! We got the palettes this morning and love them, they are so gorgeous! Going to put a post out on social today."

Jackson & Young Art gallery.

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