Every person carries a set of personal values around with them.  They influence our work and the way that we interact with the world.


These are the values which I bring to my studio and will be aiming to bring to workshops once the covid risk eases:


Creativity asks us to learn, to be interested in and so inspired by the world around us.

I am greatly influenced by current events, mental health and the natural environment.

Growth Mindset

I believe that you get better at something by doing it. Enjoy the process.


The next course I want to attend is building big sculptures. 


Ensuring workshops are accessible through a focus on transport, price, special needs and time. Clay has been incredibly important in my healing process from various health issues - and I want to pass this opportunity on to you. 


When I teach, I aim to create a safe space. Come to a workshop or pick up some clay and take a break from the stresses of day to day life.

We all deserve spaces where we are able to heal creatively. 


Making things is fun! You get messy, and you are free.

I love this about clay. Getting messy and making weird things is my favourite bit.


I am committed to learning more about the supply chain of the materials, packaging and electricity that I use. I'll be documenting what I find and moving towards using local materials wherever possible.


Lancaster, UK

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