As a craftswoman, I aim to create work that is not only functional, but which is of the highest quality.


Pieces which are beautiful in their imperfection, to remind you of your innate worth.


Let's get real for a second - making things is fun! You get messy, and you are free.

I love this about clay, and I never want to loose sight of this value. My IG is a good place to get a look behind the scenes.


I learn about and act on any potential hidden environmental or human cost in my work. From the the materials and packaging to the electricity that I use.

For example I am working through previously bought glaze material and  will then be moving to locally sourced ingredients.


I aim to create a safe spaces. Somewhere to be creative, a break from the stresses of day to day life, spaces where we are able to heal. 


Creativity asks us to learn, to be interested in and so inspired by the world around us. 


I am influenced by the natural environment, by human perseverance and imperfection.


Growth Mindset

Finally, I believe that you get better at something by doing it.


Even if such a thing as 'innate talent' exists, it isn't necessary to create quality craft or art. I'm here to enjoy the process.